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7th AEF Papers and Presentations


Plenary Session I: The Quest for Asia’s Regional Architecture
> H.E.Joergen Moeller Paper.doc
> H.E. Joergen Moeller-Presentation.ppt

Plenary Session II: Regional Peace and Security

Dr. Paul Chambers-Paper.doc

Dr. Paul Chambers-Presentation.pptx

Plenary Session III: Food and Energy Security

H.E. Bounkeut Sangsomsak-Paper.doc

Plenary Session IV: Next Generation’s Views of the Future of Asia

>Chheng Kimlong-Presentation.pptx

Plenary Session V: Sustaining Asia’s Economic Recovery

Dr. Thein Swe-Paper.doc

Dr. Thein Swe-Presentation.ppt

> Dr. Faisal Ahmed-Presentation.pptx
> Dr. Gordian Gaeta- Presentation.pptx
> Dr. Juro Nakagawa-Presentation.ppt
> H.E. Hang Choun Naron-Presentation.pptx

Plenary Session VI: Education, Gender Equality, and Economic Development

> Dr. Pradit Takerngrangsarit-Paper.doc

>SirTim OShea-Presentation.pptx

Plenary Session VII: Environment, Climate Change, and Natural Disasters

>Etienne Clement- Presentation.ppt

Plenary Session VIII: Asia's Search for Leadership Synergy

>H.E. Rodolfo Severino-Paper.doc

>H.E. Rodolfo C.Severino- Presentation.pptx

>Nguyen VanLich-Paper.docx

>H.E. Sadasivan Premjith- Presentation.pptx

>TanSri Dr.Mohamed Munir bin Abdul Majid-Presentation.pptx

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